ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be renting a studio space/healing space beginning in mid-April on Plainfield/Northland Drive area offering Ionic Foot Detox, Foot Reflexology, Reiki, Emotion Code Healing, CranioSacral and soon Yoga! I will also have prepared syrup, Orgonite, and Smudge Spray available for pickup. More to come on this very soon!! Also, check out our brand new Blog below as I share my journey. :)

The Year of Mindfulness and Sobriety

Coming Home to Myself

It's almost the middle of March and the year has taught me so much already. This week I've experienced somewhat of a myself. I feel...

A Challenge to Myself...A Year of ME!

A Challenge to Myself...A Year of ME!
What if you stood at the edge of a New Year and thought "I wonder what kind of miracles would take place if I was deliberate about choosing my stat...