Welcome! I have shifted away from Elderberry Syrup and will no longer be offering it. I offer Reiki, Craniosacral, Emotion Code healing and Ionic Foot Detox at my space inside Honor Wellness on Plainfield Ave in Grand Rapids. We are in the process of building our Healing/Retreat Center in Portland, MI on our land and cannot wait for the amazing offerings and retreats that are to come! Stay tuned!

Dreamcatcher Healing's Mission

As I've been navigating my own healing journey through plant medicine, books, classes, healthy practices and inner work, I've been sifting through what I would like to offer others as Dreamcatcher Healing.

What remains constant is the safe space to be held where you're at. Holding space for you as we help to navigate the most tangible next steps alongside you. The modalities we will offer will shift and grow, just as we shift and grow but we are here to meet you where you're at and walk alongside you. That is Dreamcatcher Healing.

Hi, we're Jacinda and Joe!

The Emotion Code

Heal The Imprint Your Past Traumas Have Made on Your Body

The Emotion Code is a powerful method of finding and releasing trapped negative emotions that have been stored in the body through our subconscious mind's desire to protect us from further suffering. Emotional baggage is your personal collection of negative emotional energy, AKA-trapped emotions. These trapped emotions can cause pain, self-sabbotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease, such as physical pain, anger, depression, chronic fatigue, PTSD, phobias, or panic attacks.

When an emotion or trauma becomes too much for us to deal with in the moment, we don't and it gets stored in our tissues to be dealt with later. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the tools or the know how to release them once they've been stored.

I can help! Through a simple, non-invasive process we can identify the trapped emotion (without having to talk about the actual trauma) and release it. With the simple use of muscle testing and a magnet. Done in person or remotely with the same results. Wanna know more? Schedule a session today!

AO Scan by Solex

AO Scan Technology

The AO Scan is a unique educational tool that teaches us how the body is performing. Communicating via bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals, it identifies areas out of balance, so lifestyle changes can be made.

Information is collected by the AO Scan device in 3 ways:

1. Bioresonance Recognition - This method utilizes a Transducer Headset positioned in front of each ear to collect the targeted information required.

2. Bioresonance Comparison - This process receives resonating frequencies and then compares them to the corresponding Blueprint Frequencies and determines any variance.

3. Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - This function transmits sympathetic vibration back into the body to encourage each cell, tissue, organ, and system to move toward homeostasis.

The AO Scan communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals that guide you toward homeostasis - the natural state of balance.

Check out my Services section for more information on each scan and to schedule yours!

Why every home needs Orgonite in it

My Inspiration!

These boys have been my inspiration throughout my business journey. As they have grown, I have grown and along with that, my business. They are now 14 and 15 and continue to inspire me to believe that anything is possible and in-turn, I hope it inspires them to believe the same!!