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Orgone EMF Buster Small Pyramid with Lapis Lazuli
Orgone EMF Buster Small Pyramid with Lapis Lazuli
Orgone EMF Buster Small Pyramid with Lapis Lazuli
Orgone EMF Buster Small Pyramid with Lapis Lazuli

Orgone EMF Buster Small Pyramid with Lapis Lazuli

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It is recommended to place a pyramid in the four corners of your home.  This helps raise the vibration and can enhance the energy of your home.  These small pyramids are also helpful placed on wifi routers, gaming stations, next to your bed, near your computer, and anywhere else electromagnetic radiation may be present.
When we think about our health, we tend to think about what we put inside and how we use our bodies but not so much the harmful radiation we’re exposed to on a regular basis.  
(Each piece will vary slightly but all will look almost identical.  This is one piece we will always have in stock and keep re-making.)
In the world we live in today, it is virtually impossible to escape electromagnetic (EMF) radiation.  For the concern for our own family, we began studying and training on what things work best to reduce our exposure.  We’ve been busy studying the effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and have been trained in how to transmute that harmful energy into positive with the use of copper coils, metal, crystals, and frequency.
These beauties can help transmute radiation from WiFi in your home, smart meters, cell phones, and so much more.
Each of our pucks, pyramids, and chargers contain crystals with the highest level of protection against negative energies and radiation.  But the amazing thing about crystals, is that they not only protect, they can initiate great healing - each in their own way.  We have included descriptions of each stone that is inside each piece.  Choose the piece/pieces that call to you and resonate when you read them.  Those might be just what you need at this time in your life.
In the top of every pyramid we have a Double Terminated Clear Quartz crystal with a piece of copper measured in a sacred measurement, wrapped around it. Double Terminated Quartz Points are great for cleansing and balancing, they absorb negative energy, and protect against radiation.  
Copper and aluminum are a couple of the absolute most reliable metals when it comes to blocking and shielding EMF radiation, as well as precious metals. 
This pyramid contains:
Shungite: Ancient and amazing, Shungite is a force to be reckoned with.  This 2 million year old stone is so potent it is said to be able to stop anything hazardous to human health right in its tracks and to fully absorb and dispel negative energy.  Absorbs and neutralizes radiation frequencies, effectively blocking those harmful rays and protecting the body from their dangerous effects.  There's virtually no other mineral in existence that contains these hollow carbon molecules.  Scientists believe that their structure gives it its EMF blocking capabilities.
Black Tourmaline:  One of the most protective stones in the world, if you want to surround yourself in a force field of the finest protection, this midnight black stone is the ultimate talisman to keep you safe.  Along with being a huge grounding force when it comes to personal energy, it is well versed in clearing away the EMF smog that wants to invade your space.  As a highly intuitive and absorbing stone, Black Tourmaline will also block negative energies and spin them into positive vibes. 

Lapis Lazuli: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th) - A stone of truth and knowledge.  It will enhance your self-awareness and illuminate your deepest desires.  It will clear stale energy and make self-expression much easier.  It will create the desire for more information, inspiring quests for knowledge and even boosting memory.  Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace.  It boosts the immune system and purifies the blood, as well as benefits the respiratory and nervous systems.