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Orgone EMF Buster Charging Plate with Petrified Wood
Orgone EMF Buster Charging Plate with Petrified Wood
Orgone EMF Buster Charging Plate with Petrified Wood
Orgone EMF Buster Charging Plate with Petrified Wood
Orgone EMF Buster Charging Plate with Petrified Wood

Orgone EMF Buster Charging Plate with Petrified Wood

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When we think about our health, we tend to think about what we put inside and how we use our bodies but not so much the harmful radiation we’re exposed to on a regular basis.  
In the world we live in today, it is virtually impossible to escape electromagnetic (EMF) radiation.  For the concern for our own family, we began studying and training on what things work best to reduce our exposure.  We’ve been busy studying the effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and have been trained in how to transmute that harmful energy into positive with the use of copper coils, metal, crystals, and frequency.
These sweet gems are my absolute new favorite!  With Sacred Geometry embedded in the top of each one, these are a great asset next to anyone's bedside, home, and healing space.  Place your cell phone on top of it to help transmute the EMF radiation.
This is so important if you sleep with your cell phone next to your bed!  Your cell phone pings to a tower every 3 seconds, sending off radiation each time it does so.  Placing your phone on this charging plate, can help transmute those harmful frequencies! Place anywhere in your home or car that you feel drawn to place it.  It can help boost the frequency of any area.  Multiple pieces around the home can help clear the space of negative energies and create a more peaceful environment.
Orgone/Orgonite is made from resin, metals and crystals.  They absorb negative energy from our aura, personal energy field and surroundings attracting, accumulating and magnifying the Chi, the etheric positive life force energy.  The crystals inside the orgonite capture negative energies and transmute these into positive energies, creating balance and harmony in the environment.
Each piece is made by hand with intention, frequency music of 432hz and above, saged, Reiki infused, and made with love!

Sacred Geometry not only amplifies the power output of the orgonite, it also balances the chakras, harmonizes your field and brings a greater sense of wellbeing and stability.
Copper and aluminum are a couple of the absolute most reliable metals when it comes to blocking and shielding EMF radiation.  We have one, if not both metals in all of our chargers as well as select healing crystals. Each of our pucks, pyramids and chargers contain crystals with the highest level of protection against negative energies and radiation.  But the amazing thing about crystals, is that they not only protect, they can initiate great healing, each in their own way.  We have included descriptions of each stone that is inside each piece.  Choose the piece/pieces that call to you and resonate when you read them.  Those might be just what you need at this time in your life.
This Charging Plate contains:

Shungite: Ancient and amazing, Shungite is a force to be reckoned with.  This 2 million year old stone is so potent it is said to be able to stop anything hazardous to human health right in its tracks and to fully absorb and dispel negative energy.  Absorbs and neutralizes radiation frequencies, effectively blocking those harmful rays and protecting the body from their dangerous effects.  There's virtually no other mineral in existence that contains these hollow carbon molecules.  Scientists believe that their structure gives it its EMF blocking capabilities.

Black Tourmaline:  One of the most protective stones in the world, if you want to surround yourself in a force field of the finest protection, this midnight black stone is the ultimate talisman to keep you safe.  Along with being a huge grounding force when it comes to personal energy, it is well versed in clearing away the EMF smog that wants to invade your space.  As a highly intuitive and absorbing stone, Black Tourmaline will also block negative energies and spin them into positive vibes.
Petrified Wood: Root (1st), Third Eye (6th) - Is a stone of patience, of slow, steady growth towards the goal of spiritual transformation.  It reminds one not to 'push the river' and also not to swim against the current!  It reminds us that we can trust the flow of life and evolution, and that Divine timing is probably better than the schedule one's desires might prefer.  Is a stone for gradually strengthening the body.  It is recommended to be carried or worn by those who need greater stability in the spine or skeletal structure.  It also instills strength of character and gives a sense of peace during times of change.  A wonderful support for all types of physical healing.