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AO Inner-Voice, Vitals and Comprehensive Scan

AO Inner-Voice, Vitals and Comprehensive Scan

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We begin with the Inner-Voice Scan
Solex AO - Inner-Voice Scan
Think you can beat a lie detector test? Think again. Your voice will always tell the truth, whether you want it to or not. Did you know that your thoughts and emotions are carried in your vocal chords? No amount of masking your voice can change that fact. Our Inner-Voice scan is derived from the same technology as a lie detector test. The Inner-Voice program helps harmonize your emotional state by improving concentration, creativity, and emotional intelligence. This program records a ten second snippet of your voice to isolate and analyze imbalances in your emotional state that present themselves through your vocal chords. The Inner-Voice report will display three notes or octaves that are excessively out of balance, as well as the main octave that is being suppressed, and four MP3 files are generated. These therapeutic songs, called balancing harmonics will then play. These tones are unique to your energetic needs. These music files incorporate radionics, binaural beats and other frequencies to support the balance of your emotional and mental well-being. It is best to listen to these tones first thing in the morning, right before you go to bed, or throughout the day when you need a pick-me-up.

You are going to love this scan! It can be done regularly and will always have a little different report, as it is based upon your emotional state at the time of the voice recording. The sound tones it sends with your report are a wonderful way to balance out what imbalances it finds.
This scan is part of the foundation of our scans and can be performed remotely with just a couple of identifying questions about you: name, email, weight, height, and birthdate. Then I will need a 15 second voice message, which I will send instructions and details for after your purchase. Solex then sends an email with a report and one with balancing tones. The more you do this scan, the more the scanner gets to know you; which would make the other scans possible to do remotely.
After your Inner-Voice Scan, we would do a Vitals Scan
The Solex - Vitals Scan analyzes the energetic state of your blood biology to identify which areas are out of balance, and then sends optimizing frequencies to reset the oscillation of the areas needing help. The information obtained from the scan includes reports of before and after the optimization of areas like toxicity, food sensitivities, heavy metals, nutritional analysis, and more. This mode of the AO Scan Technology performs a complete scan of over 550 Blueprint Frequencies associated with each bodily function and performs the analysis in under one minute. This specific scan is a concise snapshot of the Blueprint Frequencies in relationship to the frequencies being produced by the blood, organs, glands, and systems of the body.
This Scan adds so much detail to go along with the Inner-Voice Scan. I was blown away! I recommend for everyone.
This is one I would like to do in-person the first time if possible. If that's not possible, then we can still do it remotely. Reports are more fine-tuned when done in person the first time.
After the Vitals Scan, we do the Comprehensive Scan
The AO Comprehensive Scan - This program provides a look at how the imbalances in the Inner-Voice and Vitals scans may be affecting the body's anatomy.
The Comprehensive Scan performs a detailed scan of the frequencies from over 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes in your body. The Comprehensive Scan provides a graphical report that displays variances from homeostasis ranging from 1-9. Numbers 1-4 represent underactive or hypofunctioning frequencies. Number 5 represents the optimal stage of blueprint balance. Numbers 6-9 represent an overactive or hyperfunctioning frequencies. Frequency optimization will pick up anything out of range and will generate canceling frequencies that will help you balance your organs or system to achieve a state of homeostasis (complete balance). This mode of technology offers a comprehensive library of information that is constantly being upgraded on a regular basis.

*The AO Scan device is not a medical device and does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.